Professional Services

Looking to unleash the power of the SiteSeer platform and create a world-class site selection and market intelligence program? Our professional services team is here to help!

Our team of analysts, modelers, and data scientists average more than 20 years in retail research and analytics. We have completed thousands of customized studies, predictive models, and business processes for companies of all sizes and industries. Unbiased research, accurate, efficient, and actionable solutions – that’s what we do. Here’s how we can help your company:

Make data-driven business decisions that lead to better analytics, increased customer loyalty and higher sales.

SiteSeer provides market research services to help you understand your customers’ opinions and behaviors, collect better customer intelligence, leverage your company’s and third-party data resources, and turn around under-performing stores and customer attrition.

Growing a successful chain business requires a clear strategic vision.  

SiteSeer’s Professional Services team can work with you to craft a market strategy and we’ll provide the tools to help you achieve it – whether your needs include organic expansion or acquisition, investing capital to maximize your ROI, or evaluating stores for closure and disposition.

Accurate site selection and sales forecasting requires the right combination of art and science.

Experienced modelers know that the best approach depends on your company’s size, industry and goals. SiteSeer has extensive experience developing models using proven statistical and spatial techniques as well as cutting edge machine learning, AI and ensemble approaches.

SiteSeer was designed to be easy enough for the casual user but configurable and flexible for the power user.  

While your SiteSeer experience can be configured with your own reports, data, and analytics, sometimes you require more.  Whether you wish to modify an existing feature or build a complex workflow around your unique requirements, SiteSeer can develop the tools to get the job done.