Learn your formula for success, find better sites, and expand with confidence.

Competing in retail is tougher than ever.  Choosing the right location for your stores isn’t just about higher sales, it is critical to the long term viability of your company.  As you expand into new areas, you need research tools with a proven track record of results.  Our solutions have helped retailers with five locations to 5,000 better understand their customers, evaluate their current sites, expand effectively, and maximize their return on invested capital.

SiteSeer can help you answer these and many other questions:

  • Who is my customer and how do I find more of them?
  • Which of my stores perform best and why?
  • Which markets are best for my concept?
  • Where are the best sites to maximize my sales potential?
  • How do I ensure my new site doesn’t over-cannibalize sales of my existing stores?